Cabinet Photos of Two Young People, Hermann

These two cabinet card photographs taken at the Mumbrauer Studio in Hermann use the vignetted bust style. Only the head and shoulders are shown, with the background and rest of the body burnt out to create the effect of a portrait floating in clouds.

Both images were a bit faded, most likely from exposure to sunlight, so I have manipulated the images to heighten contrast and reduce brighteness.

The card mount for the young woman’s photograph has the serrated edges that were popular ca. 1890-1899.

According to clothing historian Joan Severa, puffed sleeves in various styles were popular throughout the 1890s, growing more exaggerated as the decade progressed. This young woman’s sleeves are full and drooping at the upper arm; after 1895 sleeve puffs became much stiffer and wider. The elaborate decorative work high on the bodice, sometimes called “neck dressing,” suggests this dress cost more than most.

The young man’s photograph is mounted on a card with rounded corners and green printing, styles that were current a decade earlier, ca. 1880-1889. He has the short, slicked-down haircut, turned-down collar points, and snug jacket buttoned high at the throat that were typical ’90s styles for men.

Neither of these two photographs, found by Kathy Wieland, have identifications, and both are blank on the back.

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